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A new item from KIKS GIRLS TEE is now available!!!
This time it is a special version of the project linked with "Weekly Playboy". It's a project for three months in a row.
Arisa Komiya will be the second model.
Born February 5, 1994 in Tochigi Prefecture. As an actress, she is active in movies, TV, gravure and commercials. As a voice actor, she played Dia Kurosawa in "Love Live! Sunshine!" and also worked as a voice acting unit Aqours.
The non-stop mix CD "SUPER OMOTENASHI BEATS vol.1 x DJ Arisa Komiya" will be released on October 2 as the first contents of Anison's new project "OMOTENASHI BEATS" handled by Avex.
Appeared in FOD's original drama series "Busu no Hitomi ni Koishiteru 2019" starting on September 17, 2019.

instagram is @ arisakomiya _ official
Twitter is @ box _ komiyaarisa.

Total Length (cm) S, 65 M, 69 L, 73 XL, 77 XXL, 81
Body width (cm) S, 49 M, 52 L, 55 XL, 58 XXL, 63
Shoulder width (cm) S, 42 M, 46 L, 50 XL, 54 XXL, 57
Sleeve length (cm) S, 19 M, 20 L, 22 XL, 24 XXL, 25