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A new item from KIKS GIRLS TEE is now available!!!
Moeka Hashimoto was used as the model this time.
Born July 28, 1998 in Hyogo Prefecture.
She became the talk of the town as "the too-beautiful UberEats deliveryman and daughter of the president" and appeared on the cover of "Weekly Young Jump" Issue 11 (Shueisha Inc.) to be released on February 10.
With an elegant and transparent look and a height of 173 cm, 83 cm for B, 59 cm for W and 89 cm for H, he dominated the world of gravure in 2021.
"Mokachan Neru" on YouTube is also released.
instagram is @ moca.gram
Twitter: @ mokarinko0728

The image is a sample. Actual conditions may differ slightly.

Total Length (cm) S, 65 M, 69 L, 73 XL, 77 XXL, 81
Body width (cm) S, 49 M, 52 L, 55 XL, 58 XXL, 63
Shoulder width (cm) S, 42 M, 46 L, 50 XL, 54 XXL, 57
Sleeve length (cm) S, 19 M, 20 L, 22 XL, 24 XXL, 25