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A new item from KIKS GIRLS TEE is now available!!!
This time it is a special version of the project linked with "Weekly Playboy". It's a project for three months in a row.
Haruka of CYBER JAPAN DANCERS was used for the third model.
Born on May 2, 1996. He was born in Osaka Prefecture.
He joined CYBERJAPAN DANCERS in September 2018. During his adolescence, he had an inferiority complex because of the rapid growth of his bust, saying, "When I saw you all, I was glued to the body line of the bonkubon, and it became a dream for me, who was very plump at that time, and it became a goal."
However, when he learned about CYBER JAPAN DANCERS on SNS, he changed his attitude and said, "I don't want my breasts to stand out.".
After one year and six months, the longest trial period in the history of CYBER JAPAN members, he is now active.
It is known by the nickname of "Bazooka".
instagram is @ cjd _ haruka
Twitter is @ cjd _ haruka
The image is a sample. Actual conditions may differ slightly.

Total Length (cm) S, 65 M, 69 L, 73 XL, 77 XXL, 81
Body width (cm) S, 49 M, 52 L, 55 XL, 58 XXL, 63
Shoulder width (cm) S, 42 M, 46 L, 50 XL, 54 XXL, 57
Sleeve length (cm) S, 19 M, 20 L, 22 XL, 24 XXL, 25